Misc. Items and Equipment

Things You May Come Across


Camping and Survival Gear
Backpack, (TL1). Holds 100
lbs. of gear. $100, 10 lbs.
Backpack, Small (TL1). Holds 40
lbs. of gear. $60, 3 lbs.
Blanket (TL1). A warm sleeping
blanket. $20, 4 lbs.
Bottle, Ceramic (TL1). Holds 1
quart of liquid (2 lbs. if water). $3, 1 lb.
Candle, Tallow or Beeswax, Taper or Pillar
Tapers are 1” or less in diameter and weigh 1/4
pound for a 12” length. Pillars are 3 or more inches in diameter.
They weigh 10 times as much as a taper of equivalent length,
and cost 30 times as much. (They are more expensive to make
since they have to be molded rather than dipped.) Wax candles
cost 10 times as much as tallow. Tallow candles produce more
smoke than wax and they stink and sputter loudly as they burn.
The sputtering of a tallow candle is audible within 10 yards with
a Hearing roll; the smell at 20 with a Smelling roll. Wax candles
are -3 to either roll unless perfumed. Either smell or sound can
be overwhelmed by ambient noise or odor, of course.
One candle produces enough light to read a map or document, or to light a 3-yard by 3-yard room well enough to distinguish colors.
The burning rate of candles varies. In still air, a wax taper
burns one inch in 3 hours. A pillar candle burns one inch in 6
hours. Tallow burns twice as fast as wax. A candle-lantern
allows still-air burning rates even in the wind.
A 6” tallow taper costs $1.
Canteen (TL5). Holds 1 quart of liquid (2 lbs. if water). $10, 1 lb.
Climbing Gear (TL2). Hammer,
spikes. $20, 4 lbs.
Compass (TL6). +1 to Navigation
skill. $50.
Fishhooks and Line (TL0). Basic
gear for Fishing skill; needs a pole.
Grapnel (TL5). Throw to ST¥2
yards. Supports 300 lbs. $20, 2 lbs.
Group Basics (TL0). Basic equipment for Cooking and Survival skill
for a group. Cook pot, rope, hatchet,
etc., for 3-8 campers. $50, 20 lbs.
Iron Spike (Piton)(TL2). For climbing, spiking doors, etc. $1, 0.5 lb.
Lantern (TL2). Provides still air conditions for candle burning. $20, 2 lbs.
Logarithmic Table
Napier developed the first “log tables” in the mid-17th century; they were on sale by the end of the century. Use of such
tables halves the time required to perform complex arithmetical
procedures. A book of logarithms might cost $50 in 1700 (far
more than an ordinary book), and weigh half a pound.
Navigating Instruments
These include compass, sextant (or its precursors, cross-staff
and astrolabe), dividers, lead line, log (to toss overboard to figure
speed), and sand-glass (to measure time). An attempt to navigate
without proper instruments is at a -4; you can do without everything except lead-line and log, and those can be improvised.
The cost of a set of ordinary navigating instruments, without telescope (see below) is $100; weight is 30 lbs., including
chart books. $500 will buy a set of fine, extra-precise instruments, suitable for wide-ranging nautical survey. These give +1
to any Navigation roll.
Personal Basics (TL0). Minimum
gear for camping: -2 to any Survival
roll without it. Includes utensils, tinderbox or flint and steel, towel, etc., as
TL permits. $5; 1 lb.
Pole, 6’ (TL0). For pitching tents,
fishing, or prodding items. $5, 3 lbs.
Pole, 10’ (TL0). For things you
wouldn’t touch with a 6’ pole. $8, 5 lbs.
Pouch or Purse, Small(TL1). Holds
3 lbs. $10.
Rope, 3/8” (TL0). Supports 300 lbs.
Per 10 yards: $5, 1.5 lbs.
Rope, 3/4” (TL1). Supports 1,100
lbs. Per 10 yards: $25, 5 lbs.
Sleeping Fur (TL0). Warm unless
wet. $50, 8 lbs.
A typical telescope weighs 5 pounds, and is 3 feet long
when extended. Magnification is 8 power – it increases the
apparent size of objects by eight. It costs $100. It can be used as
a light club, and is fairly well balanced as a weapon, but will
never again be useful as a telescope.
A telescope is a symbol of authority for military officers;
portraits of officers of the period, especially naval officers, usually show the “spyglass.”
Surveying Instruments
A set typically includes compass, transit, ropes, flags, plotting boards and drawing instruments. Cost is $300; weight is
100 lbs). A
surveying crew is usually three or four men. Starting from a
known point, in one day, a crew can locate any point within 5
miles to an accuracy of 1”.
Tent, 1-Man (TL0). Includes ropes;
no poles needed. $50, 5 lbs.
Tent, 2-Man (TL0). Includes ropes;
requires one 6-foot pole. $80, 12 lbs.
Tent, 4-Man (TL0). Includes ropes;
requires 2 poles. $150, 30 lbs.
Tent, 20-Man(TL1). Includes ropes;
requires 16 poles. $300, 100 lbs
Torch(TL0). Burns for 1 hr. $3, 1 lb.
Traveler’s Rations (TL0). One meal
of dried meat, cheese, etc. $2, 0.5 lb.
Wineskin (TL0). Holds 1 gallon of
liquid (8 lbs. if water). $10, 0.25 lb.

Communications and
Information Gear

Drum (TL0). Audible for several
miles. $40, 2 lbs.
Scribe’s Kit (TL3). Quills, inkbottles, penknife, paper. $50, 2 lbs.
Wax Tablet(TL1). For writing; erasable. $10, 2 lbs.

Equestrian Gear
Bonuses to control a mount only
offset penalties to Riding skill; they
never give a net bonus.
Bit and Bridle (TL1). +2 to control
horse, or +3 if using both hands. $35,
3 lbs.
Horseshoes (TL3). Shod horses get
+2 HT on any rolls for stamina on long
rides. Per set: $50, 4 lbs.
Saddle and Tack (TL2). Basic equipment for Riding skill. $150, 15 lbs.
Saddlebags (TL1). Hold 40 lbs.
$100, 3 lbs.
Spurs (TL2). +1 to control a mount.
Stirrups (TL3). Make it easy to
mount a horse and give +1 to control
mount. Required to use Lance skill.
With ordinary saddle: $125, 20 lbs.
War Saddle (TL3). +1 to Riding skill
to stay seated, 50% chance user will
stay seated even if unconscious. With
stirrups: $250, 35 lbs.

Thief, and Spy Gear
Disguise Kit (TL5). +1 to Disguise
skill. $200, 10 lbs.
Shackles (TL5). Give -5 to Escape.
$40, 0.5 lb.
Lockpicks (TL3). Basic equipment
for Lockpicking skill. $50.

Medical Gear
Strong Tonic (TL6). Prevents or cures
(in 1d days) infections. $20.
Antitoxin Kit (TL6). Antidote for
specific poison. 10 uses. $25, 0.5 lb.
Bandages (var.). Bandages for a
half-dozen wounds. Basic
equipment for First Aid skill. $10, 2 lbs.
First Aid Kit (var.). A complete kit
for treating wounds, with bandages,
ointments, etc. +1 to First Aid skill.
$50, 2 lbs.
Surgical Kit
Lancets, bone saw, scalpels, arrowhead/bullet remover,
cautery, needles and gut, tooth-drawing pincers, all in a leather
case. Cost is $100; weight is 2 lbs., +1 to a Surgery/TL4 roll or a
First Aid roll if simple surgery is required.

Balance and Weights (TL1). For
weighing goods. $35, 3 lbs.
Crowbar, 3’ (TL2). Treat as a small
mace in combat, but at -1 to skill. $20,
3 lbs.
Knitting Needles (TL3). Per pair. $5.
Pickaxe (TL2). Improves digging
speed. $15, 8 lbs.
Plow, Iron (TL2). Works rough
soils. $220, 120 lbs.
Plow, Wooden (TL1). Pulled by
oxen. $55, 60 lbs.
Portable Tool Kit(var.). Basic equipment for one of the following skills:
Carpentry (TL1) is $300, 20 lbs.;
Armoury (TL1), Explosives (TL5),
Machinist (TL5), Mechanic (TL5), or
Electrician (TL6) is $600, 20 lbs.;
Electronics Repair (TL6) is $1,200, 10
Saw (TL0). A lumberjack’s tool, not
a carpentry saw. $150, 3 lbs.
Shovel (TL1). Speeds up digging.
$12, 6 lbs.
Spinning Wheel (TL3). Produces
yarn six times as fast. $100, 40 lbs.
Suitcase Lab (var.). Basic equipment for a specific scientific skill (e.g.,
Chemistry). $3,000, 10
Wheelbarrow (TL2). Holds 350 lbs.
Divide effective weight of load by 5.
$60, 18 lbs.
Whetstone (TL1). For sharpening
tools and weapons. $5, 1 lb.

Weapon and Combat
Hip Quiver (TL0). Holds 20 arrows
or bolts. $15, 1 lb.
Holster, Belt (TL5). Fits most pistols. $25, 0.5 lb.
Holster, Shoulder(TL5). Allows use
of Holdout, but gives -1 to Fast-Draw.
$50, 1 lb.
Lanyard, Leather (TL0). Lets you
retrieve a dropped weapon on a DX
roll. Each attempt requires a Ready
maneuver. Can be cut: -6 to hit, DR 2,
HP 2. $1.
Shoulder Quiver (TL0). Holds 12
arrows or bolts. $10, 0.5 lb.


Misc. Items and Equipment

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