Raith Aaron

More handsome than you, and taller too


Name: Raith Aaron
Race: Human

Attributes 20
ST 12 20
DX 10
IQ 10
HT 10

HP 12
Will 10
Per 10
FP 10

Basic Lift 29
Damage 1d-1/1d+2

Basic Speed 5
Basic Move 5

Ground Move 5
Water Move 1

Social Background
TL: 3 0
Cultural Familiarities:
Languages: English (None/Literate) 2.

Advantages 76
Ambidexterity 5
Appearance (Attractive) 4
Daredevil 15
Enhanced Parry (Rapier) (1) 5
Luck (Extraordinary) 30
Perfect Balance 15

Disadvantages [-30]
Code of Honor (Pirate’s) [-5]
Intolerance (Ruling Class) (One group) [-5]
Unluckiness [-10]
Wealth (Struggling) [-10]

Quirks [-5]
Can’t sleep during storms [-1]
Doesn’t drink alcohol when he doesn’t have to [-1]
Insists that men on deck be fully clothed [-1]
Uncomfortable around children [-1]
Uncomfortable around women [-1]

Skills 39
Acrobatics DX/H – DX+0 10 2
includes: 1 from ‘Perfect Balance’
Climbing DX/A – DX-4 6 0
includes: +1 from ‘Perfect Balance’
Disguise/TL3 (Human) IQ/A – IQ
0 10 2
Fast-Talk IQ/A – IQ+0 10 2
Forgery/TL3 IQ/H – IQ-2 8 1
Leadership IQ/A – IQ-1 9 1
Lockpicking/TL3 IQ/A – IQ+0 10 2
Main-Gauche DX/A – DX-1 9 1
Navigation/TL3 (Sea) IQ/A – IQ-1 9 1
Observation Per/A – Per+0 10 2
Rapier DX/A – DX+0 10 2
includes: Enhanced Parry (Rapier)
Seamanship/TL3 IQ/E – IQ+3 13 8
Search Per/A – Per-1 9 1
Shiphandling/TL3 (Ship) IQ/H – IQ-1 9 1
Smuggling IQ/A – IQ+2 12 8
Stealth DX/A – DX+0 10 2
Swimming HT/E – HT+0 10 1
Thrown Weapon (Knife) DX/E – DX+1 11 2

Stats 20 Ads 76 Disads [-30] Quirks [-5] Skills 39 = Total 100

Hand Weapons

Ranged Weapons

Armor & Possessions


Raith Aaron
Occupation: Smuggler
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral; A smuggler out to make a profit, Raith respects the law but often sees it in the way of him making a living. Being a smuggler, he constantly evades the taxes and tariffs imposed on his goods, but has a clean conscience about it. A sea-goer at heart, his first and only love is the sea.

Hailing originally from the French port town of ’ ,’ Raith’s parents moved when he was three to England, traveling several weeks on the open sea. Though he was too young when he traveled to recall the experience, the lure of ocean waters stayed with him for the rest of his life. Raith lived in the town until the age of fourteen, at which point his parents, wealthy shopkeepers, pulled strings to get him enlisted in the royal navy.

As a Frenchman, Raith has naught but small memories of his homeland, and never returned but for a few short days whenever his ship made port on the coast. For all practical purposes, he is English raised, with all their norms and morals.

As a smuggler, Raith had managed up till this point to stay one step ahead of the authorities; unfortunately, the port authorities were trickier on the last ship inspection, and the ship on which Raith had been serving was boarded, its holds confiscated, its crew jailed.

As a boy, Raith kept little to politics; it was not the realm of a sea-farer. As he grew older, the stories of the crew he kept company with influenced his views of the world, leading to an intense dislike of those ruling his country, and the countries around him. As a boy, he had been taken to the Church of England for mass whenever called, but as soon as he was ship-bound, Raith gave up any impression of faith in a God or other divine being.

Raith has not seen his family in the entire twenty years he has been on the sea, his ocean living only interrupted by brief stints of unemployment; first when his tour of duty was complete in the navy, the last after he was fired from his employment by a merchant in Venice. His job up until a few days ago was, for the past eight years, as a smuggler carrying goods from the coast of Spain into France and England.

His entire life spent living for the moment, Raith has never really had any goals in his life other than to live and live well. As for influences, he still holds in the highest respect each of his previous captians, who he served willingly and happily.

As a personal code of honor, Raith never has let an offense against him go unpaid; the few times he was wronged, those who did the wronging always eventually found themselves in the receiving end of someone’s wrath, and while none of the incidents were able to be concretely traced back to Raith.
Though friendships are few and far between for him, once made, Raith always makes sure to have their backs when needed. Raith is honorable, in that he will not use trickery with his friends; they are always treated with the same respect he wished to be treated with. Others, though, will not be given the same graces.

Raith Aaron

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