Jolla is a mere child, who was transported on the same ship our heroes were. The groups first notice of him is when William Bellamy’s antic made him laugh, even amongst the horror his life had become.

Their next meeting was in a temporary holding cage. With about 30 of his fellow, the child had been branded with a tiny figure— a tree perhaps, many fronded, or a fountain?

The child from the ship sat apart, his back was toward the others in a way that said ‘deliberate’, his dark eyes closed, and his mouth set in grim line. His small longfingered hands were curled into small fists, his shoulders hunched in a peculiar way that said ‘pain’.

His fellows seem to respect his wish to be alone, which is perhaps odd, considering he has almost certainly not yet reached his teens. He is a handsome, intelligent looking youth and wears a tooth necklace.

He also has nightmares, perhaps not so shockingly.



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