Ash Cullen

helpful fellow captive


Ash first appeared after our heroes had been whipped by Overseer Carney. Ian was free and able to help, but surely lost as to options. Ash brought clean water and rags, and a sort of primitive painkiller, helping Ian treat the still chained group. Food was brought as well, and Ian and Ash fed the group.

Ash also offered some advice to Connor on keeping his head down and help to Seth to get a letter out.

The next morning Ash, with the new slaves, also offered to show our heroes the ropes of cane cutting, which is done with a bit of conversation and a lot of watchfulness.

Ash has also involved himself in the health care of those of the group who have fallen ill and indicated that he may be able to help the group escape. He has also warned that any who act in such a way as to threaten that possibility will pay the consequences.

Ash is maybe 15 and if he was not so unbearably scrawny, would rival even Connor’s insane goodlooks. Whether due to malnutrition or age, or both, he is all bones and angles, knees and elbows. His skin, like milked tea, is constantly dusted, as is his homespun and overlarge garb, and his fine and presumably black pair tied back into a short curled tail. His eyes are habitually trained dutifully on the ground, his expression almost too carefully blank. He has large incredibly green eyes, like new grass in spring, and confirming, too, an ancestry that was surely part European. His voice is low and husky and he speaks English perfectly, but with an indefinable accent.


Ash Cullen

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