Routines and Recklessness

Our heroes are deloused and fed, and settle into a routine of miserable backbreaking work with little rest. The exceptions are Nathanial and Ian who are chained to their oars 24/7.

After a few weeks of the routine, they hear that land has been sighted, then, from their places in at the oars, they hear violent sounds above.

Connor’s curiosity immediately moves him to try to investigate, but Jordao stops him, which angers the quick-tempered beauty. Raith tries to encourage him to sit down and forget about it, with land sighted they have a chance to be free in the next day or so, however William and Seth make obvious moves to support Connor. Jordao orders them back to their oars, but they resist and a fight ensues which is soon broken up by a mob of sailors.

Seth attacks William, blaming the death of the sailor they murdered on him, but to no avail. The men, all of them, are chained, and as a result of breaking their words they are sold instead of freed at voyage’s end. When Raith points out that this fate could have been escaped with patience and sense, William threatens his life and Connor grins evil agreement.

The exception is Marko, who, being aged, will bring little on the market. As a result of Connor’s rash attack, Marko is chained after the fight and then, though Ian tries to talk the sailors into selling him because the life will certainly kill him, abandoned aboard the galley ship, with no action being taken save the old man.

Seth and Raith both threaten the French captain for his intentions, though he is quick to point out that they broke the pack, not himself, and he ignores the threats. The men get their first glimpse of the magnificence of the West Indies and of Africans and slaves (barring, perhaps, Seth, and William who would have seen many slaves while fighting abroad, though most of those would have been Semitic) and William’s antics caught the attention of a fine-looking, though obviously misused child of nine or ten, who laughed at him.

They were then taken to the block where their skills, histories and physical attributes were assessed, and purchased. Connor was backhanded twice for insolence, but William’s ravings were largely ignored. The group was then led away in chains by two stolid slaves.



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