Newgate Prison, England to the Thames and Beyond

Ends and Beginnings

Our heroes were taken from the hellhole known as Newgate prison and paraded down the the streets of London in a humiliated spectacle.

Nathaniel saw his brother, James, and sister, Sarah, one last time, but was able to speak to neither and was beaten for being uncooperative. The children were physically removed from the vicinity and his last impression of England was his sister screaming his name.

Seth was able to at least speak with Riven, who vowed to follow him to the New World and find him there. He was then stuffed in a hold with more common folk.

William’s father was conspicuous in his absence, though whether it was because he didn’t know about the fate that was befalling his son, didn’t care, or was prevented— William may never know.

Connor, chained to the friendly Marco Punka, also suffered abuse when he refused to board the transport. The elderly Roma physically prevented some injury intended for Connor, taking them upon his own person.

For Raith Aaron, it meant the chance to get back on the water, but under considerably less than favorable circumstances. He did his best to keep everyone grounded, sensible and alive, discouraging William from attacking the men bringing meals in hopes of taking the ship.

William endeavored to pull the iron lantern hooks from the walls, resulting in friction between himself and Nathaniel, who would have preferred sleep. They did however share a meal, against both Raith and Doctor Ian Byrne’s advice, but Nathaniel insisted that he would commit no wrong deserving of his fate.

Connor tried to give Marko his meal, but the elderly man refused. He offered little in the way of resistance to whatever plan was proposed, even going so far as to mention a plan for getting a spoon, which was dismissed.

Seth maintained a cold and rigid distance, but disdained the idea of trying to escape at this junction.

It was only when Connor insisted that many hands had a better chance that the hooks came free. Raith offered to do the actual lock picking as he has some experience in the matter and Conner began trying to sharpen one end to a point.



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