Montezuma's Revenge

The group awaken with a nasty case of dysentery. Raith, seeming to have dodged the illness alerts Ash, who along with the doctor begins medicating the sick ones. Raith’s luck in dodging the illness causes him to be one of the few ones able to work.

Connor and William, likely dealing with fever induced hallucinations, crawl out of the hut, and away. Ash, alerted by Raith, goes to intervene and warns the two that this could be viewed as an escape attempt. Connor, even in his fevered state notes as he is being carried back to the hut the warning that the slave owners guard dogs.

Later that evening Ash discusses with everyone that escape could be possible, but that it would involve teamwork and patience. During this announcement, the group fill Ash in to some of the things that happened to them before they arrive. Raith does his best to paint William as a fool, and Connor passionately claims that Seth is untrustworthy. At the end of it all, they more or less agree to work with Ash’s plan.

Nathaniel gets better enough to work, finds his missing tools and finishes a gibbet, which everyone gets to see in use. He also spends that night apart from the others in response to a midnight disturbance.



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