Another day, another plan

The group awakens early again, mostly cured of their nasty ailment. Raith however, the past picture of health, seems to not be so lucky this time. The illness keeps him bed-ridden the entire day. William, who had mostly recovered, managed to convince the doctor to keep him out of work. Connor, having been assumed to be sick, was allowed to sleep in late, though upon awakening he made his way outside and began working, pushing his still slightly ill body harder than was wise.

Mr. Ryder visits Seth, checking his recovery rate, and work. Ryder seemed to know just the buttons to push to infuriate Seth, but the man managed to keep his anger and annoyance at bay.

William, deciding to no longer maintain his sick cover, attempted to escape. He managed to walk a bit, but was stopped by a guard. When he tried to nonchalantly walk back to the hut, the guard attempted to strike him with a whip. This disciplinary action escalated into a fight, which ended with William being led to the whipping tree. His brave, or foolish taunts led to the guard pulling a knife instead of using the whip. What new scars the man will get have yet to be determined.

A good viewing of the dying woman in the gibbet completely ruined Nate’s want to create more cages, but the boy/man, was between a rock and a hard place, so work he did! At least until his tools ran away again. This coupled with the woman who was hanging on his conscious completely ruined his focus. This left a bad impression on the person who checked on Nate. The man wanted an impossible quota met in an impossible amount of time.

When a carriage pulled up, and a man tried to force the young dark skinned boy to bow, to an attractive women dressed in white, Connor stopped working and intervened. Unsure of what exactly was happening, he spun a story about how the kid was sick, killing the woman’s want for the kid to be her servant. Connor took advantage of this free moment to ask the woman question. He discovered that her name was Effie, and that she was looking for a house boy. Connor painted himself as a kind, obedient slave, with hopes of working inside. His plan to move from field work, to inside work to aid in his escape attempt was delayed, but not fully stopped by Carney.



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