GURPS lite rules:

GURPS is played using 3d6 and this is my preferred roller:

So every roll will look like:

That is what I need you to CP into the window.
On attack rolls, the 3d6 roll will dictate margins of success or failure and the first die number (3 in the case above) will also stand in for your damage roll. This will save time.

RP your attack or tell me what it is, and then roll and paste the results.
Tell me your defense and then roll and paste the results.

Bonus points for play are awarded, “zero to five, averaging two or three points, per session.” I’ll give 1 point for playing, two for making some effort to help to move the story along, three for good role playing, four for either outstanding role playing or an exceptionally good solution to a problem and a rare five for roleplaying that makes me wish I could GM 24/7.

The World You Know:

It is a time of great change in England. The population is expanding rapidly, and new methods of agriculture cope with the increasing population. Many are losing jobs due to efficient farming. As new methods of manufacture are devised towns expand, becoming noisy places, full of the sound of street-criers, the bawling of apprentices and shopkeepers, the rumble of heavy carts and coaches, the shouts and quarreling of wagoners and the confusion of droves of animals.

Travel is by foot, horseback or horse-drawn vehicles. Wealthy people keep their own carriages, and poorer people might travel on public stagecoaches or stage-wagons.

High taxes upon tea, silk, and such French goods as wine, brandy and lace make smuggling a flourishing trade and many regard it as an almost innocent occupation, like poaching. Blood sports like ****fighting, bull and bear baiting and sword and prizefights are popular, though prizefights are forbidden by law. Besides the respectable, there are hordes of poor who live as best they can. With urbanization, robbery and murder become more and more common, though a man can be hanged for the theft of any amount above five shillings.

There are no police, only watchmen, which often leaves it to the victims to apprehend those who wrong them to bring them to justice. The justice system lacks regulation and depending on the mood of the judge, the same offense can warrant mild penalties like a branded thumb or sever ones like death.

The Church of England is the official religion of England. Methodism is spreading and Catholics are persecuted.

During the past 50 years, England has fought multiple wars with most of her neighbors and is currently involved in both the Great Northern War (contesting the supremacy of the Swedish Empire Europe— England fights for Sweden) and the War of the Spanish Succession (England fights on the side of Charles against Philip, France and Bavaria.)

Protestant Mary II & William III have the throne and just last year the Act of Settlement, which places the country securely in Protestant hands, ignoring the line of succession when needed, was passed. Parliament continues to gain power.

There are steam turbines and pumps, barometers and air pumps, clocks and pocket watches, candy canes, champagne, ice cream, microscopes and telescopes. Pianos, thermometers, batteries, bifocals, sandwhiches, hot air balloons and fire extinguishers are on the horizon. Archaeology, astronomy and biology are taking their modern forms.

Curled wigs, powdered hair, wide-brimmed hats and tricorns are the height of fashion. Rich men still sport lace while most men can afford ribbons. Sleeves may be deep cuffed or narrow. Knee-length jackets may be collared or not, ending near the knee with the breeches. Shoes are buckled and boots are tall. Waistcoats and stockings (silk or wool) are in.

Public Figures, Dead:
Oliver Cromwell
Cardinal Richelieu
Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio
Rembrandt van Rijn
Peter Paul Rubens
Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
John Donne
Ben Jonson
John Milton
Francis Bacon
René Descartes
Pierre de Fermat
Galileo Galilei
Henry Morgan
John Morris
Richard Sawkins
George Booth
William Kidd

Public Figures, Alive:
Johann Sebastian Bach
Daniel Defoe
Sir Isaac Newton
Bartholomew Sharp
John Bowen
Black Bellamy
Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard
Henry Every
Jack Rackham, aka Calico Jack
Mary Read
Bartholomew Roberts
Richard Worley
Nathaniel North
Thomas Paine


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